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Re: [opensuse-support] New firewall in Leap 15 blocks NFS server
Hi bob,

Am 28.06.2018 um 13:09 schrieb Bob Williams:> How do I open the correct ports
in the new firewall program to allow NFS clients in my LAN to connect to my NFS


at 12.06. i have had same probem here, take a look inside the archiv,
or search for:

[opensuse-support] firewalld nfs libreoffice

with short words:

firewalld is not able to find the randomly set ports which susefirewall has

for that you have to statically asign them and there's
a package called:


read the readme, start it, it will change the nfs settings and make
all ports for nfs static, and then it will generate a new firewalld-rule
for nfs-static.

these are the steps:

check with yast runlevel editor
(and if you need this quotad thing is running)

yast2 firewalld-rpcbind-helper
if not inside this file: write this to the end: RQUOTAD_PORT=""
(if you may later one need or like to start) --help
shows excelent help and step by step examples: -s mountd nlockmgr -r -p nfs-server --static-config -p nfs-server --non-interactive
--port-config "mountd=20100 status=20200 nlockmgr=20300 rquotad=20400"
(or the ports you have seen in the the two lines before)

show what happend: -l -p nfs-server

generate rules: -p nfs-server --create-firewalld-service

start sytsem new
yast firewall:
delete entry nfs
delete etry nfs3
use entry nfs-server-static (runtime and static)


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