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Re: [opensuse-support] wicked, bridge tap
09.06.2018 22:57, Simon Becherer пишет:

i trie to set up a tap / bridge network to connect kvm machines
on tumbleweed. on opensuse 11.4 i have done something like:

enp37s0 is set up to static address
(from system start)
then as root:

tunctl -u myuser
brctl addbr bri0)
brctl stp bri0 off

ifconfig tap0 up

brctl addif bri0 tap0

ifconfig enp37s0 up
brctl addif bri0 enp37s0

ifconfig bri0 up

ip link set tap0 up

then my virtual machine was running fine in the net:
qemu-kvm -enable-kvm -hda /home/kvm/images/suse10p1.img -no-reboot -usb
-usbdevice tablet -localtime -net nic,macaddr=52-54-00-12-35-57,model=e1000
-net tap,ifname=tap0,downscript=no -m 1024 -cpu host -vga cirrus
-k de -monitor stdio


i tried in tumbleweed (and googeled, i have read man wicked man wicked-config
and man wicked-ethtool ifcfg ifcfg-vlan)
now i am completely confused:

to find how i change the ifconfig line's to wicked

What gave you this idea? Wicked is not replacement for ifconfig. Just
use the same commands as before.

trying simply:
wicked ifup tap0
wicked: skipping tap0 interface: no configuration provided
wicked: ifup: no matching interfaces

i found nothing how i got / generate a config file who will work.
on the old system there is also not an config file
for bri0 or tap0

where did i get this config files or change the above commands to run?



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