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[opensuse-security] Apparmor suggestion to include more profiles

It is a nice thing that openSUSE includes apparmor by default. I started to
play with it on Leap 42.1.

However, I feel it is a little short in term of profiles for the desktop (all
profiles are server oriented).

In comparison, I retrieved the profiles in Ubuntu :

bzr co lp:apparmor-profiles

They have some profiles for chromium, firefox, empathy, totem, thunderbird and
evolution among others. Some big candidates are still missing though, like

I feel such profiles are important, because these applications are rather
exposed regarding modern threats.

Do you think it would be legally possible to include them more or less as is in
Leap 42.2 and all future releases?
Or at least, is there any plan to develop more profiles for the desktop?

Thank you in advance for your reply,

Best regards,

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