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[opensuse-security] No firewall and X server listening globally

I have installed several OpenSUSE machines during recent years and I
believe they always enabled the firewall by default. At least I don't
remember having done anything special and the firewall was active. Some
installations were done from promotion DVDs, others from some image
downloaded, not sure which variant.

My last installation I made from a 13.2 KDE Live image. To my surprise
the firewall is not activated. Again I'm quite sure I made no
non-default choices in that direction and I don't remember having seen a
selection in the installer where I could have explicitly chosen to
enable it.

By default the X server does not listen to TCP port at all. That's fine,
especially if there is no firewall. But if I start am additional session
(KDE menu "Switch user") the second X server is listing to TCP port 6001

$ ps -fp $(pgrep -d , Xorg)
root 1543 1499 0 14:25 tty7 00:00:09 /usr/bin/Xorg -br :0 vt7
-nolisten tcp -seat seat0 -auth /var/lib/kdm/AuthFiles/A:0-kwjL1b
root 2387 1499 0 14:27 tty8 00:00:01 /usr/bin/Xorg -br :1 vt8 -seat
seat0 -auth /var/lib/kdm/AuthFiles/A:1-m4GpQa

$ sudo /usr/sbin/ss -ltpn | grep Xorg
LISTEN 0 128 *:6001 *:*
LISTEN 0 128 :::6001 :::*

Questions: Does everything I see here work as it should?

1.) Firewall not active by default
2.) 2nd X server listening to TCP



P.S. Apologies for being a bit vague on the installation. But I don't
have spare machines and installation takes quite long, especially when
having to do it on a small virtual machine. So I take the freedeom to
violate the rule of investigate first and ask stupid questions
on the list thereafter...

Uwe Geuder
Nomovok Ltd.
Tampere, Finland
uwe.gxuder@xxxxxxxxxxx (bot test: humans correct 1 obvious spelling error)
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