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Re: [opensuse-security] Christoph WAGNER ist außer Haus.

Am Freitag, 24. August 2012 schrieb JW:
Cool . . . now we've got Auto-replies settings off auto-replies.

Not really - the auto-replies are usually sent for mails on opensuse-
security-announce, which use opensuse-security@xxxxxxxxxxxx (= address
of this mailinglist) as sender.

Can someone stop these?

My proposal is - but
unfortunately it was ignored in the last 4 months :-(

I thought this kind of behavior was against list policy?

It is (it's probably also against some RFC - autoresponders should not
respond to mails with Procedere: bulk, mailinglist headers etc.)

So - what do you want to do? Flame the autoresponders? ;-)

(Hint: sometimes the auto-replies contain a support@ address - maybe
mailing to this address and explaining them that they make theirself
looking silly by sending auto-replies to mailinglist mails helps.)


Christian Boltz
Vermutlich initialisiert das BIOS die Hardware nur halb, und die andere
Hälfte hängt vom Wasserstand in der Pegnitz und der Mondphase ab.
[Stefan Seyfried in suse-laptop]

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