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Enabling bittorrent in Suse 9.2 Firewall via Yast
I have a home laptop computer with Suse 9.2 installed, and with the
default firewall configuration and no services enabled.

I want to download the Knoppix iso using bittorent. To do this, I need
to install bittorrent and enable the firewall to use it in Suse 9.2. I
would prefer to use Yast to change the firewall configuration, but I
don't know how.

The bittorrent documatation indicates that I should insert the iptables

iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 6881:6889 -j DNAT --to-
destination <host>

I think that this is to open the firewall to allow other machines
participating in the bittorrent download to send me parts of the iso
file and get parts from me that I have already received. Is that right?

I looked at Yast Firewall Configuration: Services/Edit additional
services, and found that I could open ports 6881:6889 for tcp, but I
don't see how to limit the uses of these ports to bittorrent. Does this
have to be done? Is there a way to do it via Yast? If not, what is the
best way to do a temporary iptables change to enable bittorrent without
letting anything else into my computer? Should I use a script file to
enable/disable bittorrent?

Where should I look for information that will answer these questions?

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