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Re: [suse-security] installing newer software than that in the CDs
  • From: Philippe Vogel <filiaap@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:35:54 +0200
  • Message-id: <424A810A.7030305@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Polarizer schrieb:

>> Hello
>> I tried to install the apache 2.0.53 from SUSE's rpm. I found
>> them in SUSE's site. i installed these rpms (apache and other
>> related with the 2.0.53 version packages like prefork, etc)
>> I ran YOU and i surprising found that a patch was available for
>> apache 2.0.53.
> If it is there, install it! May be your second question is solved
> automagically.

Nice word :)

After an update your system should be more secure before.
Unfortunately this is combined with newer versions af the software
brought to you.

>> One more issue.
>> I tried to install php using Yast and the rpm from the CD. After
>> having done the proper configuration for the php support, i tried
>> to startapache 2.0.53 but it failed and gave me an error (in the
>> error_log) Segmation Fault (pointed the line that php get loaded)
>> What was wrong with that?
> Comment out "" line in php.ini and restart. It
> works for me. I tracked down such an error lately with a Suse
> linux.
> Hope that helps. Did it?

Maybe an update of php will make the change. If you are newbee you
will find php.ini in /etc/php.ini on local fs. You can edit it with
your desired editor, e.g. mc (if you installed midnight commander and
only use console) or any other provided editor (if you use kde or
gnome there are several editors there).

You restart apache 2 with following command in the console (the magic
black and white thing all windows-users never saw and yes you can even
surf the web from there if you are hardcore enough ;) ... ).

rcapache2 restart

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