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Re: [suse-security] Security Question from Newbie
*** Reply to message from "ROB" <robnyc@xxxxxxxx> on Sat, 6 Nov 2004
11:01:36 -0500 One more candle and a trip around the Sun***

> I ran a test on and my test failed
> So I guess I didn't configure my firewall properly.

Well first, test doesn't mean much. However, did it say you had
all the ports open or did it say you aren't "stealth" ? If it says you
aren't stealth but your ports are closed, that is fine. You don't have
to be stealth to be safe.
IF OTH you have ports open, you need to find out why. Suse's firewall
out of the box closes all the dangerous ones... so if you opened any of
them you need to go back and close them usually you can do this w/ yast
and the firewall configuration screens. IF you don't have Suse's
firewall running on your personal computer, enable it ( yast again,
it's in the network setup IIRC . Where you put in your ISP info, there
is a checkbox to turn on Suse's personal firewall. As I said it closes
everything by default. And that is what you want. You will also want to
redirect any ports you must have open to some higher port. You will
find information about the configuration of the Suse firewalls and
other network information in the /usr/share/doc directory, there are
the manuals in the manual directory. These are the same as the books
packed in w/ your boxed set. But if you didn't buy the pro boxed set
they are included on your cds/dvds and usually are installed by default.

nemo me impune lacessit

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