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RE: [suse-security] vsftpd and "426 Failure writing network strea m"
Well I did some googling and found this, haven't tried it yet as I'm still
busy offsite, but hopefully this will solve it, either way i'll let ya know.


Q) Help! I'm getting the error "426 Failure writing network stream." on
A) You shouldn't see this with v1.2.1 or newer versions of vsftpd. Older
versions of vsftpd can give this error if the user tries to download
something from an unusual filesystem (e.g. FAT), which don't support
performance features used by vsftpd. With vsftpd-1.1.3 and newer there is a
confif workaround, use_sendfile=NO.


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MB schrieb:

>I've done some research and it seems that vsftpd devolpers claim that this
error, which i get a lot being I have mostly large downloads, is because of
performance issues between vsftpd and crappy file systems like FAT. They
have corrected this issue with versions 1.3.1 and above ((which still isn't
the latest) and we still have 1.2.1)) I was wondering when suse would put
this update in YaST so myself and i'm sure countless others could correct
this issue without having to update manually.
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Are you using windows or linux?
Any responsible linux-user would prefer unix-style file systems which
afaik are faster than any other proprietary redmond [tm] file-system.
The usage of fat is an error.

I never ever had any problems with vsftpd at all.
I have big up- and downloads for fem data (engineering calculations for
my diploma works ...) which are sometimes some gb big.
I use ext3.
The usage of filesystem xy is a question I will not answer, because this
wil start several discussions and is offtopic to this.
From a discussion with msc-software I got their benchmarks, that
fem-calculations under linux and ext3 work 3x faster than on redmond-os
(on reiserfs maybe more faster).
Normally I use the source from the developers page and compile the
daemon for my own.


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