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Re: [suse-security] data backup; my security risks.
  • From: piet <prooroa@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 00:13:04 +0100
  • Message-id: <41A12100.7010104@xxxxxxxxxx>
Philippe Vogel wrote:
piet schrieb:

dear group,
Can you give me some insight on how to store data (photos) savely and what kind of procedure I can follow best.
We produce about 200Gig raw images a year.
the workflow now is:
work on a XP-box and copy the raw's and the jpeg's to a SuSE-box with winscp as a backup on removable harddisks. (I stopped making cd-s as we produce to much data, storing raw's and jpeg's)

Will the removable disks last (ide western-digital)? now and again they're used on the system.

We were used to shoot on slide film, now our entire workflow has changed and it troubles me to meet the time when images can't be retreived.

Sounds like a photostudio or medical photo industry.

I would do so:

- main system raid 5, scsi
- temporary backup over nas (network attached storage) for latest data
- nas is synced with your data every day over night
- daily/weekly backups of all media (with tar) on (with gfs like the solution in the other mail)

200 GB or greater tapes (e.g.
DVD-RAM Jukebox

A DVD jukebox has the advantage that you can later access the data within the dvd-tower, e.g. here:

45 - 700 discs/max. 6 drives per jukebox

There are even solutions from kodak for medical imaging storage.
O.K. this may cost a hell, but lost data can cost more money depending on the importance of that data.


thanks for replying.
well your guess is close, we = two freelance photographers
and in the old days storage wasn't so much a worry but finding images was,
now shooting digital for almost 2 years, I begin to worry a bit about storage.

The financial aspect might be a bottle neck.

thanks again,

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