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Re: [suse-security] kupdated in uninterrupatable sleep after kernel update
  • From: "Philippe Vogel" <filiaap@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 01:39:35 +0100
  • Message-id: <000701c3bdec$ebdce640$52ef5b86@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Last saterday we had to reset the machine. Remote login over ssh was not
> possible. The load was steadily climbing to over 40, according to a web
> interface:

> All filesystems are reiser. Unfortunately the machine wasn't installed as

Reiser is fast and looses it's data fast as well, if there are any
disc-problems - Better use ext3!
This is a mailserver, isn't it? If so reliability goes before speed -> no

> backup server / dns server, and it wasn't prepared for use by customers.
> be able to use quota I was forced to create two filesystems (document root
> and mail spool) on loopback filesystem.

Why don't you use postfix, there is a kind of "quota-option" within
mailbox-settings /etc/postfix/ e.g.:

mailbox_size_limit = 51200000
message_size_limit = 10240000

for 50 MB Mailbox and max. 10MB Attachement, you can change this to your

Or with ext3 rewrite /etc/fstab e.g. (the part with usrquota):

/dev/sda6 /home ext3 defaults,usrquota 1

activate your quotas after a reboot.
Reiser doesn't support quotas (as I know) and that's why I don't use it

Next thing is: /var/spool/mail -> only 1 GB, is that enough if you get more
accounts (better use usrquota or the postfix option above, sendmail should
have such a feature as well)?

> The partitions reside on a 3ware IDE raid controller.
> I have no clue whatsoever why it would attempt to access the cdrom drive.
> I'm not even sure it the machine has one, and it certainly should not be
> mounted.

>From phpsysinfo:

IDE Devices hdb: (none) (Capacity: 0.00 GB )

Do you have a CD-ROM?
I think so!

Maybe you read here:

There were several users having problems with kupdated.
This has something to do with the kerneldriver for your hd-controller.
There were sometimes kernelproblems with RAID drivers, like SuSE 8.2 with
Promise, or was it 8.1?
Maybe something has to be compiled new.


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