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RE: [suse-security] DHCP and IP Numbers ?

DHCP does not assign a different IP address to a computer while
the lease is active. The clients, while on the network, will
renew their lease and retain their address. I am pretty confident that
your problem is somewhere else


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> Subject: [suse-security] DHCP and IP Numbers ?
> Hi !
> I have a question about how DHCP is working. You see, I try
> to set up a small cluster of boxes to do some parallel
> computing. The Name Resolution in this cluster is supposed to
> work with DHCP. Things seem to run smoothly, but after some
> time, my parallel process is interrupted, with no error
> message at all. I `d like to know if DHCP reassigns new IPs
> after a certain amount of time and if this could interrupt my
> parallel processes (I tried both MPICH and rsh).
> Any suggestions ?
> Thanks,
> Jörg

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