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Suse Firewall on CD 2 and PSKs in Roadwarrior Configuration
  • From: "Jan Frederik Pielhau" <J.Pielhau@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 17:52:51 +0200
  • Message-id: <C2EE1D002CE2EC43A9B084900B542FF9096D15@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello Group,

At first, Sorry for the german post, in the archive i found a few german
posts and then thought it could be that people here speak german. So -
sorry for that - here again in english.

We use Suse Linux Firewall on CD with the Kernel # 2.4.7. We never
received or installed Updates - so it seems like an initial Release of
The Software.
The Firewall is set up wit an static IP-Adress. Some homeworkers connect
via IPSec and authenticate themselfes with X.509 Certificates.
No we would like to connect a branch office. The branch office is
connected to the internet by a dsl dialup line, and through PAT, 5
Clients connect to the internet.
To connect the whole branch office, we don't like to use a second Suse
Linux Firewall, we think for eg. the Smoothwall or something else with
Authentfikation by shared secret.
The Documentation says that the use of PSK in Roadwarriorconnections is
not possible.
How can i then build up a Net-To-Net Connection based on Ipsec when the
one side has only got a dial-up line an does not support X.509
I'd prefer the use of IPSec, but in several tests, the connection
between the Suse Linux Firewall and a another box [Fli4l], the
authentification failed because fli4l doesn't seem to support 3DES
Authentification, just RSA.
>From a few other VPN-Projects i know Cipe. What about the
Cipe-Implementation in the Suse Linux Firewall, Any recomments?

Thank you for any help


Jan Pielhau

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