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YOU kernel update - need to rebuild modules?

I am running a dual-Xeon system with Suse 8.2 Kernel 2.4.20,
YOU recently installed a new kernel (and kernel sources) with
security updates after which our IBM 4758 crypto coprocessor
stopped working (no longer visible to the pkcs11 library). the
4758 was still accessible with utility functions though.

The old module (also compiled for 2.4.20 on the same system) was
still loadable.

I've tried to recompile the cryptolx.o (the IBM4758 driver mod) but
receive an incompatible version number when I try to load it:
It reports that it was compiled for kernel 2.4.20-4GB but we are
now running 2.4.20-64GB-SMP (the system was always running
a SMP kernel)

When I force-load the new module the module loads and reports fine but
the system completely freezes upon an attempted access to the 4758
any messages.

Is there something in /usr/src/linux that I need to manually update? (it
seems like the whole source tree was replaced by the YOU update, is
there maybe a problem in the new source tree?)
The module source includes linux/modversions.h ... do I need to change

How can I built a kernel from scratch using the SuSE default kernel
configuration (Just want to change back to 4GB in case thats the
source of my trouble)

Any tips/similar experiences would be greatly appreciated?


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