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How to disable vga (monitor) display (when compiling kernel)
I'm trying to disable the monitor display so nothing is shown (neigher
while booting nor when it's time for the shell prompt) (after the grub
boot selections) on a monitor connected to a buildt in VGA card.

I have tried to different combinations of disabled options in the
kernel (running "make menuconfig"), but most of then result in a system
that will run exatly as I wan't it to, but when running "shutdown -r now" it
will hang somewhere in the shutdown process. /var/log/messages gives
no usefull information.
I have tried to disable the following:
/console drivers/Vga text console
/console drivers/frame buffer support/all disabled

/character devices/Virtual Terminal

I have also tried to enable "/character devices/Support for console on serial support".

I run SuSE 8.2 and have tried this on the kernel: linux-2.4.21.SuSE-13.tar.bz2

Any idears on how this is proberly done.

Thanks in advance
Bo Jacobsen
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