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RE: [suse-security] Network structure and security

> I have just been appointed net admin at the company I
> work for. Although I have some experience with Suse Linux and
> networks I have not yet delt with firewall configuration etc.

> The problem:
> We are considering installing an ADSL connection (newly
> available in
> Greece) and I were discussing whether to use a PC as the
> firewall/router or a Cisco router. The problem is mainly a
> security one as having a static IP enables someone on the
> Internet to attack us.

Well either one is good, obviously linux+iptables firewall is cheaper.

> Also is there any reason for the firewall and router
> software to run on separate machines? Is there any set-up
> anyone would propose for the network?

No, Both machines can be the same it really comes down to the expertice
of the admin. Where I work our linux firewall handles routing, VPN, and
firewalling services.

> server at least for a couple of months or more.
> The only computers needing access to the Internet will
> be our mail server
> (?) and about 5 PCs.

Depending on your experience SuSE has a built in firewall that though
simple seems fairly strudy and easy to configure. E-mail me if you have
additional questions.

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