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Re: RE: [suse-security] SCP-proxy / SFTP-proxy wanted
Hi Michael,
well, it does not prevent building up the first tunnel (which
is a little bit uncomfortable for some users) - but anyway: it
sounds interesting and I will try it...

Thanks a lot everybody who commented and/or helped...

17.7.2003 11:19:59, "GentooRulez" <paranoiac_user@xxxxxxxxxx>

>>Then I did the following:
>>On the outside-machine I started an ssh tunnel to our ssh-
>># ssh -L 1234:<machine> <user_on_ssh_-gateway>
>>When the tunnel was up, I opened another session and did the
>># scp -P 1234 <source-file> <user_on_inside>@localhost:
>>Works like a charm, but maybe there is an easier solution?
>Just a proposal:
>You can take sshfs to mount to remote fs transparently on your
>outside box. Onced it is mounted you can handle files with
>shfsmount [options] [user@]hostname[:port][/root] mount_point
>And with [options] you can do that all in one command, at
least it seems so.
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