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IMAP and 8.2
Being prevented here in this group that the support for 7.2 would finish in
the near future (see another thread), I have purchased and upgraded to

So far, almost everything is working as expected, expect for IMAP (the
same case would be POP3, if I would not use qpopper).
In the mean time, I have found information that the IMAP rpm, shipped
with 8.2 (IMAP 2002) is a major release, enabling to disable fulltext
passwords for identification. Apparently the rpm shipped with 8.2 is
compiled with this in mind. So far it is good, but I cannot find any
information, how to make it work. I have found that it is necessary to use
starttls - a ssl based authentification.

Just I cannot find (may be I am using incorrect queries in google) how to
setup the IMAP server - I have found how to configure the clients, how to
compile IMAP for disabling authetification by plaintext passwords, but I
am missing information, how to configure inetd (or even xinetd) to work
with this imap daemon. The same applies for ipop3, just I have installec
qpopper and this works fine.

SuSE installation support claims it is beyond the scope of installation

Does anyone know how to make the imap over startls or ssl work?
Thanks a lot

S pozdravem

Vaclav Brunnhofer

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