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Re: [suse-security] openssh trojan (alert)
Hi again,
to be a little more concrete: about 10 minutes ago I downloaded the tarball of openssh-3.4p1 which is actually available on
I untared it, cd'd to openbsd-compat and did a gcc bf-test.c -o bf-test. After this I did sh bftest > and finally got a shell script which
contains the same as reported on the link below. So there is definitively a connection attempt to this server - but actually I do not know
waht it is good for. Could there be some legal reaseon for this?!?


BTW: were are just trying to double-check the sig of the tarball but due to probs with the keyservers didn't have results for now...

1.8.2002 10:45:59, Christoph Wegener <cwe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>I just checked it double: YES the openssh-3.4p1.tar.gz on is TROJANED!!! I downloaded our versions here just after
>were released from the OpenSSH team, these ones seem to be clean. BUT: The version which is actually available on is
>NOT clean! Or did I make a mistake in my analysis?!?
>So is this the time to say good bye to OpenSSH?!? ;))
>1.8.2002 10:21:21, Len Rose <len@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Not implying that SuSE has this problem (it doesn't) but
>>you may wish to read this:
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