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Encrypt E-Mails without human-agreement
  • From: gd.jg@xxxxxxxxxxx (GJ)
  • Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 21:02:42 +0000
  • Message-id: <3D5C16F2.7C6B3F14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi, all LINUX-enthusiasts,

I've a gigantic but also a very commmon problem. How can I encrypt
E-Mail, without the social dependency from others?

For example:
If You will send E-Mail to 'receiver', You must be aware of a fact, that
not only technical problems, with You have resolved was the
main-problem, but also the fact, that an 'sender' is dependend from the
receiver's will, to expose an:
1.) public-key -->PGP and GPG
2.) user-ID and password -->SSH, stelnet ..
3.) Certificate -->via TrustCenter or openSSL and so on.

So it is unpossible to mail encrypted E-Mails without the conditions

Another way to built encrypted E-Mail is to use openSSL. OK!
These feature is - unfortunately - interesting for an 'receiver'. So,
if an 'sender' create an ROOT-Certificate and expose these to an
appropriate Server and a receiver come now to the idea to send encrypted
E-Mail to 'sender', he/she must only look for my exposed certificate and
can encrypt HIS E-Mail with my Certificate to send ME. Now, that's the
direction 'receiver-->sender', but NOT in my sense. My sense is to
direct E-Mail from 'sender-->receiver', from me to anybody. For this
case the 'sender' have an look to receivers Certificate. But in the most
cases he can't find any. I draw the conclusion: It's unpossible to
encrypt E-Mail in these way.

Q1) Is there a way via e.g features, which I've not take in
consideration or an tool or else or even an underground-solution, by
which E-Mail-encryption is ultimative possible?

I find, that a satisfied solution is in interest of all, which wish to
have a serious E-Mail-Correspondens.

Thanks for good ideas.



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