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Online Update, automatic mirroring of relevant packages
Hi List,
since YaST online update feature has been discusse recently, I thought
this could be of interest.

Because of an unstable modem dialup at home I once wrote a dirty hack to
check which packages I would need and download them first.
Couple of weeks ago Peter Nixon asked the list about howto build a
lookup table of installed packages for a whole network using snmpwalk,
which inspired me.

So here is amorsu, automatic mirroring of relevant suse updates.
It uses ssh with dedicated user 'rpmqa', key authorization and
forced command (cat /etc/SuSE-release && rpm -qa) on all the machines to
build a plain text db on the mirroring machine. This is reorganized
package wise, so now I have a lookup table for each package, which
version is on which host in my network. If the respective file does not
exist, none of my hosts has the package.

Then it mirrors for each of the identified architectures/releases only the
patches (ok, patches.cont) dirs. These description files are parsed
in a very simple manner, so far it works (-- keep the structure, SuSE!).
For each available update package mentioned in the descriptions, lookup
the package: do I have it installed somewhere? outdated version? yes?
ok, mirror that package, too. And --checksig, of course.

Generates a report of which packages have been donwloaded and which hosts
have to be updated for which packages.

for these hosts now I can point either rpm or yast2 online_update to the
local mirror.

has to be tested by someone else but me to verify that it actually
any volunteers?

I'd like to send the perl script and some setup instructions in private
mail, 'tis ~450 lines.



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