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Re: [suse-security] Request to SuSE
On Wednesday 13 February 2002 14:50, Peter Nixon wrote:

> I would like to bounce an idea off the list which I think would be of
> value. I propose that SuSE setup a suse-security-announce-pending mailing
> list where SuSE would officially notify of Pending problems in SuSE
> packages. Like most of you I recieve alot of email every day, (Bugtraq,
> CERT, SuSE-Security, SAGE-AU, SLUG, and a dozen other application specific
> mailing lists, plus of course my normal work and personal correspondence).
> Now, I know that this is not too much extra work because invariably
> whenever something new hits BugTraq that affects SuSE, a question gets sent
> to SuSE-Security to ask if this affects SuSE or not.
> Any comments?

Rather than yet another list however, I wonder if security-announce couldn't
be used where some installations might take precautions, if a work round
exists, before rpm updates are finished. IIRC some info has already been
issued in past in this way.

The difficulty is however that folk will expect Roman and team to be on ball
24/7 and also someone is bound to ask questions on this list, before any time
has elapsed to allow a response to be cleared.


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