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small office network

1 linux 7.3 server with Elsa MicroLink ISDN
5 win nt
1 linux server for test and development

i want to permi the users of the intrant to:
- navigate in inernet with squid as proxy (works just)
- use their windows mail-client (pop (110) and smtp (25) via the linux
having all the same provider (the ippp-connection has the same provider like
the user mail-accounts
- activate a fax-server for all users (hylkafax?)
- avtivate a dial-in server

- it's neccessary to use send/fetchmail for a mail-forwarding or can i open
with iptables these ports for unfiltered input/output/forward?
- how i must set the routing on the linux servers, that all users use this
gateway? it's impossible to make a static gateway, because the provider
always a dynamic ip address

i'm a very beginner in routing, and all my tests changing the routing table
make deasaters - just more than one time i must re-install all for make the
server workig in the last state ....

thanks in advance

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