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snmp tool for remote querying of rpm versions
  • From: Peter Nixon <nix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 20:48:15 +0200
  • Message-id: <20020111204815.0e6b40a1.nix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi guys

Using ucdsnmpd on linux it is possible to do the following:

> snmpwalk hostname comunitystring \ host.hrSWInstalled.hrSWInstalledTable.hrSWInstalledEntry.hrSWInstalledName

Which returns:

host.hrSWInstalled.hrSWInstalledTable.hrSWInstalledEntry.hrSWInstalledName.1 = "cpio-2.4.2-487"
host.hrSWInstalled.hrSWInstalledTable.hrSWInstalledEntry.hrSWInstalledName.2 = "aaa_dir-2001.9.22-0"
host.hrSWInstalled.hrSWInstalledTable.hrSWInstalledEntry.hrSWInstalledName.3 = "ash-0.2-395"
host.hrSWInstalled.hrSWInstalledTable.hrSWInstalledEntry.hrSWInstalledName.4 = "base-2001.8.30-8"
host.hrSWInstalled.hrSWInstalledTable.hrSWInstalledEntry.hrSWInstalledName.5 = "bash-2.05-82"
host.hrSWInstalled.hrSWInstalledTable.hrSWInstalledEntry.hrSWInstalledName.6 = "ziptool-1.3-91"
host.hrSWInstalled.hrSWInstalledTable.hrSWInstalledEntry.hrSWInstalledName.7 = "cracklib-2.7-391"
host.hrSWInstalled.hrSWInstalledTable.hrSWInstalledEntry.hrSWInstalledName.8 = "less-358-159"

--The rest snipped for brevity--

As you can see this is a list of all rpms installed on the system. This information would be very useful on a large network if you could pull all this info into a database, and do a quick search for rpm version numbers when a Security Update comes out.

Does such a tool exist in the gpl world that will do this and spit out a list of machines in need of a security update? Or am I going to have to do this myself? I understand it's not particularly difficult, but I always try to use someone else's code rather than my own (poor) attempt..

Viel SpaƟ

Peter Nixon - nix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
SuSE Security FAQ Maintainer

"If you think cryptography will solve the problem, then you don't understand cryptography and you don't understand your problem."

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