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Re: [suse-security] vnc masqueraded
>>To get rid of those "0/0" null-restriction from outer space, I'm afraid,
>>there's no way than that suggestion of Mark Ruth, though.
>You have a nerve [0/0]. Is pretty insecure. Guess would be easy to sniff the vnc
>password and every guy with some ambitions will move the mouse only you
>should move remotly.
>Would suggest following simple way to make it more secure, also if you
>have a static ip you can bind.
>Find the position of the rules in /sbin/SuSEfirewall2 and modify this rules in order
>to check the MAC-Adresse of your remote machine.
>If you've further question how to, mail me.

OOOOHHH - think MAC check wont work outside the ethernet - my failure.

Made, cause somewhere on customs net there was a DNS outside,but before router that was
connect via ethernet and checkable that way - and so my little brain forgot
that not all the same - shame.

Michael Appeldorn

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