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Re: [suse-security] vnc masqueraded
Yep, ssh-solutions rules.

Anything else is then a foul compromise.

Walk this way.

He won.

Michael Appeldorn

>>>To get rid of those "0/0" null-restriction from outer space, I'm afraid,
>>>there's no way than that suggestion of Mark Ruth, though.
>> You have a nerve [0/0]. Is pretty insecure. Guess would be easy to sniff the vnc
>> password and every guy with some ambitions will move the mouse only you
>> should move remotly.
>But sniffing could happen even if I replace 0/0 with something (much)
>more specific, couldn't it?
>The ssh-suggestion by Markus Gaugusch would prevent it, I guess (have to
>play with it yet).

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