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Re: [suse-security] Online Update
  • From: JW <jw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 16:34:50 -0600
  • Message-id: <>
At 08:24 PM 1/29/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>> There are a number of dependencies I've resolved and indeed packages
>> I've installed by searching the 'Net and rpm'ing into place, both from
>> the command-line and using GUI package managers. It was my expectation
>> with these tools, and with YOU, that the underlying rpm-database was
>> sound, current, and accurate.
>What makes you think differently?

Dude, you didn't install any non-SuSE package with YOU. And I wasn't talking about the rest of YaST1/2 - I was referring to YOU only.

>besides, would somebody please answer this question:
>Why would anybody use an (semi-) automatic update mechanism for some
>specific package "abcpack" if you manually install newer versions of the
>package (which, in turn, can't be made by SuSE)?

I'm having trouble understanding what you're asking.
If you're asking why you would use a tool like apt to auto-install packages, it's called time, and ease-of-use. Go ask a Debian user why they like it, they could probably explain it well.

>In addition to that: If you install your own package, then you can't claim
>SuSE to be responsible for the lack of proficiency on your side.

If this is any refereance to me (not sure if it is or not) the answer is I didn''t and I wouldn't

>If you
>change stuff in the system (be it exchanging a file that belongs to the
>rpm subsystem) and expect that things are still the same as before, then
>you are clearly wrong.

Obviously. Any sane system admin would understand that, I hope.

>> > I had to hack some things to get YOU to wake up. This is very bad.
>> I agree! Wholeheartedly!
>> Sync'ing should never be a problem, because a tool like YOU (or Webmin)
>> should sit atop the database.
>It does.

Eh? No it doesn't.YaST2 and YaST installers do, but YOU does not, unless you are referring to the installation of the downloaded package (with rpm). As far as determining what needs to be downloaded/installed, ig goes by the files in /var/lib/YaST/patches/i386/update/7.3/patches/, not by rpm.

Am I really the first one out of all of you to run into this? Tell me it's not true... ...?

Jonathan Wilson
System Administrator

Cedar Creek Software
Central Texas IT

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