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Re: [suse-security] Offtopic (maybe): Proposal for school network
Hi Kurt,

> I'd need to know more about your security goals/threat model.
no problem I will try to give you as much information as you need.

> Are you worried about people breaking in via the internet?
Well not only people but also automated tools, trojans, worms, virii
and so on.

> Are you worried about kids beaking out and causing grief for others
Not really, because we are a business school, and the people who know
how computers work and how to use them creative are very few. But
sometimes you have to protect the people from themselves. I mean, we
don't want to have our systems infected by a virus just because
someone opened a .exe file from his webmail account and didn't know,
why he shouldn't double-click on things he doesn't know.

> I assume (well hope) that the school administrative network (i.e.
> grades/etc) is seperate, or is it part of this network?
No, it is seperated and we have no permission to change the layout of
that network. Only the network that is usable by the pupils in the
computer rooms. (The teachers network and the school administrative
network are seperated, but get the internet connection over the same
router. The router is not configured by us, but by our ISP.)

> What are the desktops running?
The desktops will run Win 2000 as operating system. We will use the
Internet Explorer 6.0 as browser, to enable the pupils getting
information over the internet.

>What is the purpose of this network? Teach kids to find info online?
> educational programs? Access to email?
The purpose of the network is to connect our different computer rooms
and computer classes with each other.
To enable every pupil unfiltered access to any information of the
To provide a personal email account to every pupil, they should also
have a personal computer account on the Win 2000 clients and on the
The intranet will be something like a informational source for the
pupils. The plan for the intranet is not done yet, but I have some
ideas in my mind. It should get a informational source for all pupils.
There will be some tutorials about the basics of how to use the
internet effectively and some tutorials about HTML and so on.

> Etc, etc. I can't really give you much help without sitting down, I
> you maybe hire SuSE for an hour or two of consulting, it will save
you a
> lot of grief in the long run.
Well I think we can't afford that.

Some additional info to our group:
Our group has 6 members (pupils) which are interested in and
understand computers. The leader is our administrator (a teacher), but
we have very much permissions, and he doesn't limit our creativity,
although he critisizes our proposals (which is very good). The whole
project is promoted by the EU (we will get a certificate at the end. I
for myself don't do that for the certificate, but for the fun :-) ).
Our goal is just to improve the school network and to create something
like a school security system.

I hope I cleared the situation. I uploaded a new draft (with Björn's

Thank you for spending time for me.

Have a nice day,


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