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Re: [suse-security] Offtopic (maybe): Proposal for school network
Hi Philipp,

I really learned much, or better said, now I really know that I will
have to learn much more about Security.

> try out
ok, thanks.

> I saw the draft. I think you're making yourself an unnecessary hard
life with that proxy running 2 eths. Place the proxy INTO the DMZ not
in front of it. <snip>
ok, changed and uploaded.

> He'll do well changing that in the near future.
I try to convince him, but I think that won't help much. Because he
gets paid very bad and so he is not very motivated to learn Linux in
his freetime. I for myself will or want to learn it, just because I am
interested in it, but I think he isn't really interested in it, he
just wants a secure network and a time without very much stress (what
I can also understand, if would get paid that bad.).

>and we have to use Windows as a Webserver because the pupils use
>Frontpage and ASP for their projects (I know that's lame, but I can't
>change that, sorry.)

> It's not about being lame. It's bad for you keeping these windoze
boxes uptodate all the time. I very well remember what nimda did to my
win2k www server.
> No anti virus software ever will help you no matter how new the
patterns are.
Same problem here, he was very stressed the last month and so he
decided to create that group. Well, the Nimda problem still exists,
and he tries to solve that with Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition. I
told him, that this wouldn't help him to get a better time, but he
didn't want to hear. I mean Norton is surely a good product but it
would be the same if you want to repair a ship that has holes and is
swimming around in the ocean, and would try to fill the holes with
crates so that no water can come in. I think it would be better to
throw away this ship, design a new one (without the holes) and create

> Oh, is it a http/https/ftp proxy? Or what services do you intend to
run on it?
As far as I know it should be a http and ftp proxy.

> FreeBSD and Linux.
Well sounds like very much work. But thank you for your suggestions.



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