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Re: [suse-security] Offtopic (maybe): Proposal for school network
> > It's easy to set up, it's not Windows and
> >therefore it's more secure.

> Not Windows and therefore it's more secure?
> You wish... Neither Win or Linux is a secure-
> out-of-the-box OS. <snip>

I know that, and I think he meant that as a joke. I understand why
Linux out-of-the-box isn't more secure than windows, but I know also
that if I use Linux, I will have the chance to change everything to my
needs and this enables me to get higher security (because I can make
my OS more personal.). I really don't know much about squid and
passive ftp, but there are a lot's of how-to's and tutorials outthere.
I will just read them. Anyways, I think will just read and gain more
knowlegde know, then try out the design for the network in real, and
let you know how it worked. Be sure, I will come back with a lot of
more questions, than now :-)

I want to thank everybody for the great help. Thank You!

If you have any more suggestions please feel free to email me them.

Have a nice day,

Christoph Pernsteiner

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