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SuSEfirewall2 v1.2 update information
  • From: marc@xxxxxxx (Marc Heuse)
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 23:42:28 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <20010701214228.591111FBC1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi folks,

I updated v1.2 to fix some things:
v1.2 01.07.01 GAMMA
* Fixed 5 small bugs in logging functions (which resulted in
"unknown option --syn" messages in special occasions)
* Added the new option FW_IGNORE_FW_BROADCAST in addition to
FW_ALLOW_FW_BROADCAST if broadcasts should not be allowed but
ignored to prevent the annoying log entries
v1.1 23.06.01 GAMMA
* Fixed a small bug in FW_TRUSTED_NETS
* People with german/french etc. language sets for root could not
run this script because the output of ifconfig etc. is different.
I hope I could fix this.
* Fixed the backup function of /etc/ip-up in INSTALL
* Added a mss iptables rule which seems to be needed for adsl
* Support for weird lsof binaries :-)
* Fixed some minor things in ip-up

take especially note of the language fix. people who change their language
for root to something else then english will break several scripts in the
long run ... SuSEfirewall 1 + 2 does a language reset for itself now, but
most other tools dont. this will bite you, bet on it.
also a fix for ADSL users is in.

As usual: if anyone encounters bugs (not misconfigurations on your side!)
please contact me directly.

Also: seccheck 2.0 is out. update is recommended for everyone

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