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Sendmail issues on firewall
Hi All

I am having some serious problems with sendmail acting as a Mail gateway on
my firewall.
I have a default installation of it on suse 7.1.
I have modified the relay-domains and also domaintable (You know, where you
tell it to route incoming domain mail to.)
I can send out fine. When I have mail sent to me, it gives a 5.0.0 550
access denied error.
Could someone give me a few ideas why this would happen ?

Could reverse DNS entries have any effect ?

Willie Tesnaar

Change your way of thinking, it might ease the process of self discovery !
(Willie Tesnaar 06/06/2001)

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Subject: [suse-security] SuSEfirewall2 v1.3 (security fix update)

Hi folks,

After a very long testing time version 1.3 is now available, and the first
official rpm will be availabel as well during next week!

you can find the newest version at or wait for the
official rpm release.

For everyone using older versions: you should update if you are using the
FW_AUTOPROTECT_GLOBAL_SERVICES feature, because I made a mistake which would
not block access to autoprotect ports from external - and this might result
in a security problem

* Fixed a bug in autoprotecting ports to externals (thanks to
sielaff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and D.Markwardt@xxxxxxxx)
* Added special log message if internals try to access the external
IPs of the firewall
* Added missing /sbin/rcSuSEfirewall2 link (thanks to

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