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Fwd: [suse-security] Should I be worried about the CodeRed Worm?
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 22:53:20 -0400
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well , boys and girls , if you have a box that has both w2k and suse
(7.2) and the windos partition attracts todays variant Sirchan (or
simular name) that one does casue a mojor problem by essentially
farquing up the windows partition(s) and hiding it'self in such a way
that ANY reboot of the machine will be a disater, not any variation of
windows , nor even Linux , nor a whole host of tools can salvage your
system ( I've just spent a long hard 9 hours to reclaim teh drive so it
could be reformated and start over !1! I'm not very happy about the fact
of Nortonn claiming it had "killed" the creapy crawlie before it let the
email thru that was carrying it! , only , clearlly , it didn't!!!!
more and more evidence to me , that our wondrous group of program
writers etc. Forany even semi commercial quality Office apps , should
find ways to create import and export filters so linux users can do
thier work adn keep trouble free, while avoinding the necessity to work
in a bug attrackter like anything w32!
anyone who is even doing minor ( small system admin, make certain your
people BACKUP to other media ( other thna thier hard drives) all data
that would be irreplaceable ( cd's are nice , and rewrite ones are even
better , adn portable too, for the occassional new box same job users
among us <G>


afterthought--- Inside every suit there is a guy in a T-shirt wanting
to get out.


afterthought--- It said "Insert disk #3", but only two will fit!!

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