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Re: [suse-security] All in one box ! Is it a good solution ?
Thanks for your reply. That's what I was thinking...
Do you have any proposal for books ?
Should I first start reading the how to ?

Few days ago, I read a mail concerning someone who make a firewall with a system with only a floppy disk (no hard disk).
Is it a good way to set a firewall ?
What's about the system ? 486, Pentium, ... and memory ?

Pasca MiQUET
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dont run any services on the firewall .. thats what a DMZ is to be used for ..

Read a book about firewall architektures..


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Subject: [suse-security] All in one box ! Is it a good solution ?


One of my friend ask me several questions concerning the security of a small company.
He'll get in few days an ADSL connection. For some costs purposes (I think) this connection will shared with another company. The goal is to get a Mail server, Web access, ...and share all this with his LAN

I've suggested to set a Firewall like ipchains, first to be realy separated from the network of the other compagny;
Does it make sense to set the Mail server on the same machine ? How does this will be setted because I think all Mail clients will be Macs ?
Thanks for your help
Pascal MiQUET
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