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Re: Re: [suse-security] any nntp proxy ?
At 03:24 PM 12/1/00 +0100, you wrote:

> accordingly to fwtk/libem/emo.c, 'f' seems to be a file descriptor

Did you try to run the program under strace? If it's a missing file it will
print out the name, and even if it's something else canches are you'll be able
to understand what the problem is.


No, haven't tried yet, but it looks like the nntp-gw program expects to be already connected to the server when it receives the 'MODE READER' command from the client. Since I do not have the SERVER directive in the configuration file (using more than one news server), nntp-gw cannot connect immediately to the server; instead, it waits for the AUTHINFO USER command to retrieve the server name and connect.

At least, if I connect to nntp-gw using 'telnet nntp-proxy 119', then issue the 'AUTHINFO USER PASS ', I receive IBM's news server banner (that learnt to me those folks use INN). Working fine.

But although configured properly (news server = nntp-proxy, user =, pass = ), my newsreader (free agent 1.21) seems to send the MODE READER command first. Is the problem coming from Agent ? I am trying with netscape, but still am unable to find the right place to put my 'username' ...

Again, any help appreciated.


Olivier Hislaire

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