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Re: AW: [suse-security] a little service question

was it possible to add a link "hints", "FAQ" or such next to the suse-
security archive link, that contains a short description of what to do
before posting? I think that would reduce noise to the list and help
people new to this. A searchable archive would be great too.

This ML is not only intended to enhance security, but also to make
security related things easier. Imagine I have two DNS servers for
one domain that has three active e-mail accounts. There are more
than 2000 MX requests per hour to the DNS servers for these
accounts with about 5 real e-mail messages per hour delivered to
one of these accounts. I would check the configuration of the
systems, than browse the archives of the MTA, DNS servers, OS,
security sites .... , that would take half a day or the whole day. It
took only 5 mins to post a message to this ML, and about 30 mins to
get an answer, that even if not solving this problem gave me the
security that my system does not suffer from a known security hole.
That leaves me with a lot of traffic but I still could sleep that night
without fearing an intruder (if I could before :))

Is it really so much harder to answer frendly than it is to answer


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