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Re: [suse-security] European Council hacking-tools ban - update

Thanks Boris for bring again this issue. After the last draft revision was
released, I did think in drop a letter here about it, but since I was at
work, then my busy last weeks made forgot me to do it.

I did discust this lately with some people, inclunding some 'media', and my
opinion it was (and is) that the try for considerer illegall some kind of
tools was just a way that the 'police lobby' had for solving the lack
problem on their logistics and people ... IMHO the all point was since it
isnt easy to catch the criminal, everybody with a 'gun' would be one, then
they could show(-off) some work (not) done. Thanks God they dropped this
nasty plan.

Even so, and for just not saying the obvious (its moron, lame, flame it, etc
...), and since I allways try to put my self in the skin of the subject in
question, I must say that I can understand (but it is obvious, that I dont
agree with it) the frustration of police squads around Europe (starting here
in Portugal), because they really dont have neither the tools or the people
that can give them the proper ways to fight cybercrime. There is so many
other problems with higher priority regarding crimes that this is just the
way (they think) the problem could be solved ...

The comunity feedback was really important for politics can see *how* wrong
they were, and now they drop a part of the dangerous solution they first
arrange for this problem on cybercrime.

But the 'security' is not safe yet ... keep eyes wide open =;o)

[ ]'s bacano

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Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2000 3:00 PM
Subject: [suse-security] European Council hacking-tools ban - update

> Hi,
> recently we discussed the plans of the European Council to ban hacking
> and to introduce an overall tightened surveillance of ISPs and their
> in cooperation with the members of the european union.
> The EC now has dropped their plans according the ban of these tools after
> strong objections from the industry and a whole lot of angry sysadmins
> (including myself).
> However, there are more doubtful paragraphs in this draft convention which
> still is more or less inacceptable for most of us.
> The original draft version of the European Council's cyber crime
convention can
> be found here:
> The EC-draft update can be read here:
> Boris <bolo@xxxxxxx>
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