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RE: [suse-security] European Council hacking-tools ban - update

first of all, please keep the gun discussion out here, because allthough it may
be security relevant for some it defenitely is depending upon structures that
are basically different for many nations.

I do not care too much about the "hacker tools directive" as it will be hard to
define that at court. A "hacker tool" is nothing much but a sequence standard
utilities and the use makes it a hacker tool, so it must be prooven that I tried to
"hack" someone for it to become a hacker tool (like a citchen knive that is only
a weapon when I use it a s a weapon).

I am more worried about the access to log files I had to provide, and a
mechanism that I cannot realise that someone accesses these files. And that I
had to provide (and pay for) the bandwidth to access them. That basically
implies, that I had no longer control about my traffic and may not even monitor
it and in the end, I was not allowed to have access to my logfiles myself!

I do not think that collecting voices against that will do any good. To me they
will have some kind of such regulation and the only chance to overcome it ist
to *not* obey to such regulations.

However I will participate in any petition against such regulation.


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