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Re: [suse-security] Permissions of /root
  • From: rolf.krahl@xxxxxxx (Rolf Krahl)
  • Date: 13 Dec 2000 18:14:34 GMT
  • Message-id: <918eaa$jlh$1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[ Please! Do not send me any "courtesy copies" of your posts. If i'm
writing to the list, you may assume, that i am also reading it, so i
don't need any copies in my personal mailbox. ]

In article <0057540008185267000002L472*@mhs>,
tschweikle@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> I can't really imagine, that anybody might want to have a public_html
>> dir in /root.
> I can: imagin a html-page listing your last logins. This can tighten
> security.

I still can't.

What can such an html-page show you, that a a simple 'last' does not?
Further information, such as unsuccessfull logins should be written to
the syslogs in any case. (If you don't read your syslogs, then why
do you think, you will read such html-files.)

How do you read those html-pages? Are they publicly available? I
hope not. Entering a password every time you check your last logins?
Then a 'last' is really much handier. And please, don't tell me, you
are launching a html-browser as root.

Rolf Krahl <rolf.krahl@xxxxxxx>

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