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Re: [suse-security] How do Europeans build against BSAFE?
  • From: "Steven T. Hatton" <hattons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 06:24:13 -0400
  • Message-id: <398D3CCC.F5673A95@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Kurt Seifried wrote:

> If you have to ask what it costs, you can't afford it. RSA is far from
> checp. Depending on what you do with it it can cost a lot, especially
> including it in products. I know of several companies (some pretty medium
> sized to large) that would love to buy an RSA license for free products, if
> you're open source it's damn unlikely (BTW when I mean a lot I'm talking
> like 7 figures).
> > Steve
> -Kurt


My project uses BSAFE. Then I contract under the US DoD, so we have a few
nickels throw at the project. The problem is the Bureaucracy is so messed up,
they will waste a thousand man-hours to save a hundred bucks. And that is
unfortunately a drastic understatement. When I need tools to do my job, I
don't even bother asking procurement, it took over three yeast to get tape
backup in place! NO LIE!

Other distributions of Linux which go for about $200 come with some form of an
RSA license. I believe at least one comes with a full developers version of
BSAFE. I don't want another Linux distribution! I just want to be able to
compile and use NSS and related tools. I don't want to distribute the stuff
right now, and if I did, I'd work that out when it happened.

First our Government says we can't export our cryptographic technology, so the
rest of the world reproduces it for free, and now our Government makes it
impossible to use it domestically! Hey, anybody in Germany or the UK hiring?


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