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ipchains error - no default routing set up ?!

i'm trying to configure my firewall with the suse
firewals-script. I can start the firewall with no
errors displayed, but when I do a

SuSEfirewall check

it tells me that ipchains produced errors (3 times):

'ipchains produced errors no default routing set up'

Also I can't get any response from the neither the
firewall nor the webserver. The firewall-logfile however
shows the refused connections.
The IP-Forward-option is enabled in the firewall-setup-file.
Before starting the script i tested the routing
of the setup, and everything worked.
Maybe it's the fault of my unusual setup:

C A |
x.y.z.133/25 D

(A:firewall, C:admin-comp, B:webserver, D:default gateway)

I'm sorry to say that there's no way to change the network
(subnets, etc.) - not my fault...

Any ideas ?

Thank you in advance and sorry for the longish posting !

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