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Re: [suse-security] SuSE Security Announcement - make-3.77
  • From: Yasholomew Yashinski <yashy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 16:06:15 -0500 (EST)
  • Message-id: <Pine.LNX.4.10.10003081554130.310-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Andreas Siegert wrote:

> Could you please stop that useless discussion.

Discussing security announcments is useless discussion? Are you saying
that on behalf of SuSE?

> This is just a replay of what people where discussing on bugtraq when it was
> still new. That's why the moderator of bugtraq kills those threads.
> All Arguments of all sides are already known. You are not going to convince
> anyone to change her/his view. You are just wasting bandwith.

What were the results of the bugtraq thread? Exploits are posted there
as they are discovered. Perhaps if someone (yourself?) would make a stand
on SuSE's take of the situation, the thread will be ended. In the meantime
we'll have to debate our opinions which hopefully have some reflection on
the opinions of SuSE, as the vendor.
As Linux makes itself mainstream, large corporations have identified
that, and will have to choose a vendor to use. I believe SuSE to be the
best option currently, I just hope they can maintain that standpoint for
me. I would like to present a vendor to my employer that releases bleeding
edge exploits.
Calling a client's issues "useless" is hardly a professional way to
react. I would recommend satisfying the customers needs, and not making
fun of their issues.

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