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[opensuse-ruby] Building Jekyll 2.5.0 in my home project
  • From: Johannes Kastl <mail@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2014 18:55:25 +0100
  • Message-id: <m3o9qd$hj7$>
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Hi everyone,

as I wanted to try out Jekyll, I started to gather together the things
I would need to get it to build on the obs:


I wanted to gain a little more insight into how to package
ruby-stuff and how obs works, I have not added d:l:r & Co as
additional repositories. Works out fine, after I found the
RUBY-OBS-Voodoo hidden in the prjconf of said repositories... ;-)

I got a version of Jekyll 2.5.0 that builds, at least for 13.1 and
13.2. I created it using gem2rpm and adjusted it so avoid as many
rpmlint warnings as I could.

But, two things remain, that puzzle me. OK, three.

ruby-packaging-helper builds fine in both d:l:r and d:l:r:backports,
but is 'broken' in my home project. The error message is:
"missing repositories: devel:languages:ruby/openSUSE_Tumbleweed"

I looked into the package and found no hint on why this repository
should be needed at all.

Could it be because d:l:r is not build against Tumbleweed? And the
package is aggregated apparently?

2) Jekyll builds fine for 12.3 on my local machine (osc build --clean
openSUSE_12.3 x86_64), but fails on OBS.1. Could be because of the 62
warnings I get:

This package contains a file whose path contains something that
looks like an unexpanded macro; this is often the sign of a
misspelling. Please check your specfile.

But I do not know on which line of the spec this happens and how to
avoid it. And if it is the reason for the error...

Last but not least, if someone else wants to use the package, and I
wanted to get it into d:l:r:e, how to do that? Branch d:l:r:e, copypac
from my project, and SR?

Thanks in advance. And please, I just dived into the whole ruby thing,
I am sure I misread/oversaw some information hidden in the wikis. And
I was lost in darix' mail about the whole new packaging scheme... ;-)

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