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Re: [opensuse-ruby] Taking ruby packaging to the next level
On 2014-09-09 17:18:18 +0200, Marcus Rueckert wrote:
Last but not least we have the ruby(abi). In the past it used to be just
the "version" number you had in your ruby paths. Now the define also
contains the ruby interpreter. If we take our example list from above:


While this works nicely for our packaging needs. It is actually tricky
for cases where a gem wants at least a certain ruby version. The gemspec
only has spec.required_ruby_version which is a version number. While in
MRI this number is compared with the ruby version number, in the case of
rubinius/jruby it is compared with the version of ruby language standard
that is implemented.

One possible solution would be to add also mri(abi), jruby(abi),
rubinius(abi), which just have a numerical abi comparison.

Provides: jruby(abi) = 20100
Provides: rubinius(abi) = 20100
Provides: mri(abi) = 20100
Provides: mri(abi) = 20200

As it turns out we have to go with the 2nd solution. in the first
solution the interpreter part after the "=" was interpreted as epoch by

so we will have

Provides: jruby(abi) = 2.1.0
Provides: rubinius(abi) = 2.1.0
Provides: ruby(abi) = 2.1.0
Provides: ruby(abi) = 2.2.0

the changes are live in factory and sle12 already.


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