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Re: [opensuse-ruby] ruby 2.1
On Thu, 9 Jan 2014 09:23:55 +0100
Klaus Kaempf <kkaempf@xxxxxxx> wrote:

* Josef Reidinger <jreidinger@xxxxxxx> [Jan 08. 2014 17:33]:

great, feel free to submit it to staging project.

I submitted ruby21 (new gem21_* macros, add native gem extensions dir
to file list), ruby (map gem21_* to gem_* macros), and
rubygem-nokogiri (fixed pathes) to the Ruby21 staging project
yesterday evening. Everying builds fine.

I expect it raise
more issues, but I can fix it with changes to macros and your
example. I think at least we can add macros for rb_ver_major,
rb_ver_minor and rb_ver_patch to allow version checking of ruby for
easier version handling in ifs for multi ruby version spec files.

I used '%if %{defined gem_base}' for now. We might as well port the
gem_* macros to older Ruby versions as well.


Thanks. I fix ruby21 patch which breaks packages that use mkmf.rb and
also small fix to rrdtool.

The last missing piece to get ruby21 to factory is to fix vim. To be
honest I have no idea what can be wrong as it writes
[ 121s] objects/if_ruby.o: In function `rb_obj_wb_unprotect':
[ 121s] /usr/include/ruby-2.1.0/ruby/ruby.h:1236: undefined reference
to `rb_gc_writebarrier_unprotect_promoted'

but this method is correctly in ruby and I see no problem. If I compare
build of vim with build with ruby20 then I see no difference except
that it doesn't fail.
Does anyone have idea what is wrong with vim?[1]


BTW. It is stupid that python-jinga2 depends on vim just because it
have vim syntax file which it want to install to vim directory.

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