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[opensuse-ruby] Re: [ruby-devel] [RUG-N] Ruby User Group Nürnberg
Dne 24.1.2012 13:48, Dominik Bamberger napsal(a):
I've been talking to a couple of friends and colleagues about
starting a RUG (Ruby User Group) in Nürnberg. Some of the people I've
been talking to sounded quite interested in such a thing.

As you may know there is a RUG running in Prague for a long time and I've been participating there from the beginning. Just thought I may share some experience and thoughts.

We have monthly meetings where 5-30 people usually come. It seems that the biggest attractor to the group meetings are talks (usually announced on Facebook and some local internet media). When there is no talk, only hard-core members come. So I'd suggest to prepare few talks to the beginning if you'd like to attract people and spread the word a bit.

In case of Prague RUG, some talks were also about non-Ruby topics (e.g. git introduction, Erlang). These often attract curious developers who are not necessarily Rubysts, which is often enriching experience for the whole group. In our case, Python programmers started to appear on our meet-ups a lot (they eventually established their own group).

From SUSE POV the RUG might be interesting because of hiring. I've seen many contracts, cooperations and hiring decisions happen over a beer in Prague RUG meetings. But I would avoid branding the RUG as SUSE event too visibly (e.g. meeting in SUSE offices).

As for the location, most important thing besides good food/drink is availability of a projector (for the talks) or at least no opposition to bringing your own.

Hope you guys find enough interest and get the group going!

David Majda
SUSE Studio developer
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