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Re: [opensuse-releaseteam] Re: Packages you maintain are present in openSUSE:Leap:15.1
Hi Lars,

On Thu, 2019-03-21 at 20:12 +0000, Lars Vogdt wrote:
Am March 15, 2019 2:07:11 PM UTC schrieb Ludwig Nussel
This is a friendly reminder about your packages in openSUSE:Leap:15.1.

Please verify that the included packages are working as intended and
have versions appropriate for a stable release. Changes may be
submitted until
April 15th [at the latest].

Keep in mind that some packages may be shared with SUSE Linux
Enterprise. Concerns with those should be raised via Bugzilla.

Please contact opensuse-releaseteam@xxxxxxxxxxxx if your package
needs special attention by the release team.

Thanks for the information. I already started going through "my" packages
(see my other answer below) and trying to keep them up to date or fix them.

According to the information in OBS ("osc maintainer") you are
in charge of the following packages:

And here the problem starts: I have to admit that I'm unable to maintain >900
packages. Especially, if I never heart from some of those packages before or
am surprised that they ended up in Factory and other distributions while I
know I don't wanted them to be there (means: someone else submitted them).

900 packages? I sure hope you are not set as explicit maintainer of all
those packages - but rather 'just' inherit the maintainer role for
being project maintainer (depending on the project, this can sum up

Please advice how we should proceed here?

Depending on the nature where from your maintainer flag comes from, I'd
suggest you to certainly try to lower the count by:
* Remove yourself as project maintainer in areas where you are not
active. Before doing so, make sure to add yourself as maintainer on any
package you actually care for in the devel project.
This will likely already give you a bug drop in the number of packages
assigned to you.

* FOr packages you are already explicitly set as maintainer but which
you do not wish to maintain, ther emight be the chance of finding
somebody else. Maybe you're ven fortunate enough and a 2nd maintainer
is already assigned to the package? In this case, you could again
remove yourself. Preferably with a notice to the other maintainer(s),
informing them of your decision.

This should get your number lower - and hopefully reach a point where
the packages assigned to you as maintainer are actually 'your
packages'. It is important for the release team as well as the
maintenance teams to have information that makes sense. The goal is not
to 'just have as many maintainers as possible' assigned, but actually
having people that want to take care of their packages - and this
obviolusly requires a low enough count in order to be ABLE to take care
of them.

I guess that sending delete requests for all the packages I don't want to
maintain might not be a realistic option, while it is the easiest solution
for me - and if I don't hear back from you, I will happily do this.

Please note: I know that at least Markus Rückert, aka Darix, has a similar
problem. He has over 200 packages assigned - a lot of them submitted to
Factory without his knowledge or approval.

I have a bit a hard time believeing this: any new package submitted to
openSUSE:Factory that is submitted by a non-maintainer (i.e. not
package and not project maintainer) gets an approval request from said
maintainers. If we have project maintainers accepting reviews on behalf
of package maintainers, despite the latter one objecting it, we
certainly have a large issue to dive in to. The goal of Tumbleweed is
not having the largest repo possible - but having an as much as
complete as possible, while being able to maintain it.

Hope that helps clear things up a bit,
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