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Re: [opensuse-project] Non-Confidence Petition
  • From: Knurpht-openSUSE <knurpht@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 01:24:46 +0200
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Op zaterdag 18 juli 2020 18:18:15 CEST schreef Sarah Julia Kriesch:
Gesendet: Samstag, 18. Juli 2020 um 13:47 Uhr
Von: "Vojtěch Zeisek" <vojtech.zeisek@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
An: opensuse-project@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: [opensuse-project] Non-Confidence Petition

Dne sobota 18. července 2020 13:20:42 CEST, Stefan Seyfried napsal(a):
Am 17.07.20 um 15:29 schrieb Richard Brown:
The recent petition has clearly shown that almost 90%
of the Project has confidence in the current Board and
their previously stated direction and intent.

I disagree.

It has shown that only 10% of the members think that throwing,
brexit-style, the biggest wrench they can find into the gearbox,
would be a good idea.
There is no indication that 90% of the members think the current
setup is the best idea since sliced bread.

You can't distinguished who for whatever reason ignored the petition
(without (much) thinking about it), and how many actively decided *not/
to support the petition.
The rules were clear from the beginning - convince 20% of members to
support the petition. Starters and supporters of the petition failed in
this. So that IMHO speculations and statistical or sociological
discussions can't change clear democratic decision. See e.g. much much
attention average referenda attracts in various countries. If ~50%, it's
great success.
The results do not say anything about possible future changes in the
project. But it might be good starting point for future discussion. The
question must be "What *do* we wish?" and not "What we *do not* wish?".
The Board should learn from what had (has?) happened in past ~half year
whole project *must* move forward, otherwise it might die painful death in
crappy personal fights...

Thank you for this nice explanation!
The petition is done and we are not able to change that. We have to accept
it. Therefore, especially the Board "and we" have to learn from that what
has happened. I agree with Seife and Carlos. 11,6% is not "nobody". That is
a small part of the community and more than 1 person. In my opinion, the
Board should accept that as a feedback and (as Klaas said) they should
think about their decisions in the past. That is more something as a second

But I agree with the others, too: "We had enough discussions about this
topic and should look forward."

Best regards,
Do you see the discrepancy in your reply ? Please stop now, Sarah. The outcome
simply means that 88.4% of the membership does not support the petition, so
trusts the current board. Where nobody campaigned for the 88.4% and you and
yours intensively campaingned to get the 20% needed on various platforms (
proof can be shown ). Instead of trying to still make this a community
statement, you, instead of the people on the current board, could as well find
a reason for "rethinking" ("" from your FB page ) . You gathered people to see
it your way, the community did not accept the way you see things. Don't try to
present the outcome of the petition as a win or a signal to the board from the
community. That is outright disrespecting the 88.4% of the membership that
did not support your view. And hence gave signal of trust in the board. You
went for some goal - board down - campaigned, and your side lost. That is the
outcome of your cruisade, incl. the petition. Accept that. And refrain from
Another thing: Stop spreading false info. A.o. about other board members
stepping down in thepast. I personally told you in Prague about this, and I
have the evidence you're wrong. Yet you still used that in your campaign
against the board and others.
In short: Stop. And leave ( this community has better things to do ) if you
cannot stop trying to keep this discusion alive. I.e. have it somewhere else

Gertjan Lettink a.k.a. Knurpht
openSUSE Forums Team

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