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Re: [opensuse-project] Non-Confidence Petition
On Fri 2020-07-03, Christian Boltz wrote:
Am Freitag, 3. Juli 2020, 08:20:26 CEST schrieb Carsten Hoyer:
The best for OpenSUSE would be to move on from the unprofessional
infighting and baseless accusations, to continue working with the
professional board we already have
Well, that's your opinion of the current board and the events
during the last months.

Sadly it doesn't match what happened

Here you label what someone else wrote as an opinion while putting
your own perception and opinion as an absolute, Christian.

It is natural for us humans to have different perspectives. Hence,
for example, the phrase "the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

There have been many, many mails on this list in the last months
for people to form their own opinions. Repeatedly stating the same,
all the more invoking an air of uncertainty and doubt, hardly helps.

I'll refrain from commenting on most such claims that you put in
this one e-mail alone. It is unlikely that would converge. There
are two I cannot help respond to, though:

and I don't think that for example shouting down and kicking out a
newly elected board member - and even shouting down any attempt to
explain the claimed offense

You keep repeating this statement which does *not* match what I
have observed: There was one meeting where someone (not on the
current board) voiced their felt pain towards Sarah. Neither in
that case, nor in any other I was present at, did anyone shout
at anyone else.

There's also a point I agree with you: having such an issue pending
over months is indeed a serious problem. Without intending to blame
anyone [2] - it took too long until the voting started.
[2] I can imagine that this wasn't easy for the election officials,
and while I don't know much of what was going on, I know a few
(non-public) bits that indicate that there were (also?) reasons
outside of the election officials that caused some delay.

This is a nebulous statement (which maybe refers to the one week delay
for the election officials to get the list of members, which we have
addressed procedurally going forward, or maybe to something else).

Please put yourself in the shoes of others reading such a statement,
who do not have background: What do you want to relay, what (or who)
do you want to imply (or implicate), what do you want to trigger?

Let's have the poll run its way, conduct a board election (for one
seat or all elected seats, depending on the outcome of the poll),
and then take it from there.

In the meantime, let's refrain from "semi-saying" and "maxi-hinting"
things. That is not constructive nor helpful.

Dr. Gerald Pfeifer <gp@xxxxxxxx>, CTO @SUSE + chair @openSUSE

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