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Re: [opensuse-project] Goodbye Board

On 2/28/20 8:45 AM, Knurpht-openSUSE wrote:
Op vrijdag 28 februari 2020 14:36:17 CET schreef Mathias Homann:
Am Freitag, 28. Februar 2020, 14:13:59 CET schrieb Michal Kubecek:
On Friday, 28 February 2020 13:32 Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
On Fri 2020-02-28, Per Jessen wrote:
Dear board: I'm looking for more than the current standard
"bye bye" Emails here.

I second that. I think we are owed an explanation.

Before we are into thirding and fourthing, let me quote Christian:
"In the best interest of the openSUSE project and everybody

involved, please don't speculate about the details or ask for them."

Most of us, people managers maybe more than others, have experienced
cases where keeping things confidential was in the best interest of
some of the people involved, but also third parties. This is one of
those cases. I'd like to ask everyone to trust Christian's judgement
and honor his request; I fully second both.

I'm sorry but saying what Christian said IMHO hardly counts as "keeping
things confidential". If he wanted to "keep things confidential", he
should not have said anything about the reasons. Indicating something
about principles and beliefs and refusing to say more was guaranteed to
provoke speculations and asking us not to could hardly change that.

Michal Kubeček


So - where is this heading?
And - will there be board elections soon? Because the way I see it, if there
are just "replacements" "installed" wthout a vote... I just do not like the
smell of it at all.

Related: needs updating.
Also, it clearly says the board members are *elected*. Not appointed by the

Please don't even insinuate that such has happened. The Board rules are clear
on matters like this: states:
The sitting board is allowed to appoint new members to fill a board vacancy
caused by one of the following conditions: 1) resignation of a Board member
2) the removal of a Board member, or 3) a Board member being unable to
his duties,

That language should probably changed to be gender neutral.

or 4) as part of elections if not enough people are elected."

Distinguished Engineer LINUX
Technical Team Lead Public Cloud
IRC: robjo

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